19 October 2009


As of yesterday, I'm trying to exercise as much as possible. I haven't truly exercised for weeks and weeks, and I'm really feeling the effects of that :(

So, yesterday I went for a walk with a friend--and it turned out I was walking for almost 2 hours! My feet felt a bit raw after, but it was SO good to feel sore from exercising (yes, I know, some of you will think I'm crazy--but haven't we established that?!)!!!

Tonight I went for a 50-minute walk (I'm not exactly sure, but it was about that), and that was good to stretch out. I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll walk and also get a bit of running started, on the way to tennis. Every Tuesday night Mum and I play tennis at Roseworthy, and last season I would run to tennis--I never actually got there, but Mum would pick me up on the way. But I'd get 20-30 minutes of running in, and it was really good. So I thought I'd start that again :)

Wednesdays I think I'd usually have time to exercise after TAFE (cos that finishes at 3.30pm), but Thursdays I might not, as I get home at 5.30 and often have music practise at 7pm. As Fridays are my day off, I'd have all day. Saturdays and Sundays it really depends on what I'm doing.

So, I'm trying to get into the good habit of exercise!! Let's see how long it lasts :D but they always say it's easiest to do things, or get into doing things, when you're "younger", so I think it's good that I'm at least trying, right??!
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