4 February 2010

Memories of a mentor...

I would like to dedicate this blog post to a friend of mine; a very special person who I have known a very long time; someone who has influenced greatly, for the good.

This person is amazing. I don't know anyone else quite like them (aka--him / her). This person has an amazing faith, an amazing family, and has had (and is having) an anamazing journey.

This person has inspired me in so many ways--both in ways that I can see, and ways that perhaps have changed parts of me, even though I don't realize it.

I think (and hope!) I am sort of like this person. In fact, I would count myself extremely lucky if I had just a few of their characteristics and a bit of their lovely personality!

My upbringing has been similar to my friend--I was brought up in a Christian home, have been going to church my whole life, and I was homeschooled (I think this is mostly the same).

My beliefs have been influenced by this friend. This friend taught me about topics such as modesty and femininity, and a lot of what I learned (through specific conversations or teaching, or just by the way this person conducts themselves) has stayed with me, and I pray that I will be able to pass this part of what I have been taught by my friend, to people around me.

While everyone's lives are different; everyone goes through various struggles; everyone goes through their trials in different ways... My friend is definitely one of the most inspirational people I know. This friend has been through a lot in his / her life, and the way they have continued through trials and heartache is just astounding to me. While faith in God can feel crumbled and shattered through things life has brought, I know there is still hope and still faith in my friend's heart.

Kristy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing way you have influenced my life. I hope you can see that you really have put a lot into my life (even when you may not have realized it), and I also hope that I can carry that on into other young girls' lives. I guess there's not a lot more I can really say, other than that I truly admire the way you have gone through your life and the different journeys you have taken... And I hope that I can come through things in my life with the same grace that you have in yours.

I love you!!

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