22 September 2009


Hello to you all, this rainy afternoon on September 22, 2009!

The weather has been super-weird over the past couple days; yesterday there was thunder, lightning, and rain, all on and off through-out the day. We were a bit worried at work, as lightning is really dangerous for radio; systems can crash if it strikes or something. The lights flickered a bit in the offices at one stage, but it was okay, other than one radio station going off-air for a short amount of time.

I'm at TAFE right now, and am finding it REALLY hard to concentrate. I think it's because this is the last week of term... Although, I also think the weather has a big part to blame! I just feel really down today; really tired and "blah". It is not nice :'(

But I can't wait for this term to end!! Over the holidays, Elyse and I are house-sitting in Craigmore, and that is going to be awesome! I've never house-sit before, and I am really looking forward to the independence and new things that it's sure to bring :D
I think we're planning on eating some meals at our family's houses (my parents have requested that I try to come home as often as possible--isn't that typical?!?! :P), and I want to invite both of our families to come over and have a meal with us.
I'll still have 2 days of work a week, but I will have no TAFE, no church bulletin and no Youth Group, so hopefully this will be a time of rest! I had hoped to do some TAFE work while house-sitting, but the house doesn't have broadband internet, and the subject I'm doing at the moment is pretty much internet-based, so that will almost be impossible!

One other thing that's coming up is a hike up Waterfall Gully (to Mount Lofty) this weekend. Jewelz has planned for a bunch of us to go, so hopefully and prayerfully it will be good weather!!!

Happy holidays (to those of you who are lucky)!!!!!

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