16 April 2009



I know I seem to kinda always be behind on my posts... But that's okay, you still get the story, right?

Easter weekend was great for me! Having four days off work was just awesome!

On Friday we had a church service at 9.30am, which I sang in (it was rather fun, actually--only my second time ever singing in a service; quite relaxing!), and then we went to the farm for lunch. When I say "the farm", I mean my grandparent's/uncle's/auntie's/cousin's place (Mum's parents and her brother's family), which is just oustide Tarlee, which is about half an hour's drive from my house. We had lunch there with everyone, and then some of us went for a walk along the creek. When I say "along", I mean "in". And I say "in", because it's dry. Silly drought!

On Saturday, we visited my Dad's dad, and Mary (his partner). They've both had operations this week, one for removing cancer, and the other having pins put into a broken ankle--pretty big! Prayer would be appreciated.
After visiting them, we went to Semaphore beach with the Packers, Dawsons, Grahams x2, Kristy, Brentons, and Townsends. We played cricket, chatted, walked along the beach, at tea, watched the kids bury Jo... Overall, a really good evening :)

Sunday morning we had a Dawn Service at church at 6.30am. Early, I know, but so TOTALLY worth it!!!! It was amazing! We had it outside, so we were set up with speakers and music, etc, and the message was really, really good. I'll try to do a post on the message later.

I just lazed around for most of Monday. I think I went for a drive with Mum in the arvo.

So, overall, my Easter weekend was really nice... How was yours????

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