19 April 2009

5 days

I was going to write a post last night, but that (obviously) didn't happen, so I have to write quickly tonight!

From today until Friday, I'm not going to go on Facebook or check my hotmail account.

After thinking about this for a few weeks (yes, Julia gave the idea to me!), twice yesterday at church, I just felt that I should do this.

Firstly, in Pastor Doug's message yesterday morning, he was speaking about the woman in the Bible who simply had faith, and reached out and touched Jesus' garment. Pastor Doug pointed out that everyone else was pushing and shoving at Jesus as He walked along, but this one lady's simple touch made Jesus stop and say, "Who touched Me?"
As Christians, we should take the time and have the faith to reach out to Jesus, instead of being just like everyone else around us.
Pastor Doug brought up the point that we need to be a praying [people]. Prayer and spending time with God is SO important!

Secondly, last night's service at church, Keith spoke, and one of the things he said was: "For every hour we spend doing something for ourselves, we should spend with God."
While it depends on the circumstances, I took this to mean, if I spend an hour on the computer playing around, I should spend one hour reading my Bible and praying.

So, after both of those things, I decided that this week I would focus on God, and today has been good.

It's great that life really isn't meaningless without the computer/internet, etc! Not that I thought it was, but I think I'm going to really enjoy not even going online all week.


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