30 March 2009


Good evening...

I think there will probably be PLENTY of opportunities in the future to title blog posts the same as above. Life just seems to be full-on... I'm just always doing things. And I believe it's starting to "get" to me.

See, last week was busy. For example, on Thursday I left for work at 8am, got home at 6pm, helped Ryan make tea, ate tea, left for music practise at 7pm (still wearing my work clothes), got home from music just before 8.30pm, sat down on the couch and started kind of chatting to Ryan and listening to music... And suddenly felt exhausted. I realized I hadn't stopped all day, and that realization was NOT a pleasant one!! You know how things just kind of overwhelm you? Well, that's what happened then! And that was just one day of last week.

This week is not looking much better. As in, it's going to be crazy-busy. Today I worked. Tomorrow I'm going to TAFE, shopping for my birthday party, cooking tea, and I have netball practise at 7pm tomorrow night. Wednesday I'm working and have Bible Study, Thursday I'll be at TAFE and have music practise, and Friday I have a piano lesson, I may be working for Simply Elegant, I'll be preparing for my party, and... my party is Friday evening/night.

It might not sound like much, but it is, when you take into account that I have plenty of other little bits and pieces to do inbetween all of that. If you could pray for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Some things have happened in the past couple days that are making me emotionally... emotional... at times... And the busy-ness doesn't help!

My next post will be more cheerful, but I had to write this somewhere--and what better place to write it than here, where my lovely friends will (I hope!) feel sympathetic for me????

I hope your weeks all go well... And I hope to see you soon :)

God bless.

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