26 March 2009

1 week

Hello again!

Well, it's almost one week since my last post... It's harder than I thought to get into this whole blogging thing... Might take a while!

Last weekend at CWCI was great! Mum and I drove down (the others left in the morning) to Victor Harbor at about 1pm. We went straight to the house we stayed in, and ohmygoodness!! It's better in real life than in the photos! It was one of the highest houses on the hill... In other words, right at the top of the hill, with total view of the harbor!!!!!!!! Us girls all decided we wanted to live in Victor Harbor :P
There was a service for the Convention that night at 7.45pm, but firstly Mum and I visited friends in Victor. We actually picked up my friend from work (at Moo Yoghurt... YUMMY!!! She gave me a cup of yoghurt, and then Mum and I both got this massive tub that we shared... What pigs!! But SO worth it!), and then went out to her place. They live on a farm outside of Victor, and my friend has a gorgeous Thoroughbred horse, which she shows, mainly jumping. My friend showed me what her and her horse, Bella, can do, and it was so great to just watch them work together! It's at times like those that I miss having my horse :'( And I really want to ride again!
Mum and I went straight to the night service after our visit at the farm, and the service was really good. All of them were good... Although there was one that didn't really apply to us girls--it was mainly about parenting, etc. Mmm, not quite there yet! Anyway, the part I loved about the services was the singing!! There was a few ladies that sang all the time, and their voices were just amazing! Their harmonies were just absolutely wonderful. I would LOVE to be able to sing like they do; and one of the ladies played keyboard, led (just announcing which song was next) and sang... I would love that to "be me" someday :).
Aside from the services, we hung around the house, the girls read, I tried to prepare for Girls of Grace (Girls Group), ate chocolate (more on that later), watched Fireproof (really good movie!), talked and went out for tea on Saturday night (yummy!).

Overall the weekend was really good, and I enjoyed spending time with everyone there :)

About the chocolate... Julia, Elyse and I have made a pact not to eat chocolate, lolies, ice cream or fizzy drink for one month. Julia and I were talking on Saturday night, after going out for tea and then coming home and eating chocolate/slice/junk etc, and we were saying how we were so full and felt a bit blahh :S. After talking about it for half an hour, we decided to make a pact not to eat any of the above for one month. We figured we could be accountable to each other, and it's way more healthy not to eat those things anyway! And we roped Elyse in as well (we had to twist her arm, though!), and Mrs. Packer is also doing it, to make it easier for Elyse :)

After that was decided, when I got home I realized that for the next 10 days, our church is doing a Daniel Fast. If you know the story of Daniel in the Bible, it will make a bit of sense to you. Basically, the idea is to eat only vegetables and drink water for 10 days. We've expanded it a bit, so we can eat vegetables, salad, fruit, brown rice, and of course, drink water. I started on Tuesday, so today is my third day. It's going well so far, but I AM missing meat! It's just vege's... a bit boring :(. But I guess it's a good experience!

I'd better go; my lunch break is finished. I hope everyone's week is going well :)

God bless.



Melinda said...

Did you make the pact before CWCI? Did that mean you couldn't eat any there or did you make it after? Good to hear you enjoyed yourself. Hope all goes well with your Daniel Fast. I don't think I would be able to do it, I love my meat to much!!

Rachel said...

We made the pact on Saturday night... so we'd had a couple days where we ate chocolate :P But we didn't eat any on Sunday. Instead, we got cream buns from the bakery :D yum yum!
The Daniel Fast is very challenging--i'm the same; I love meat, as well as dairy products, etc. It's so hard, and I truly can't wait til it finishes. But I'm going to stick it out!

Jewelz said...

The pact.... Did you see all that chocolate at Recharge????? Elyse and I just looked at each other, and were like, "Chocolate..." LOL
Nah, it was so great to go away for the weekend with you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Julia seems to do this all the time...maybe not with chocolate! I was going to say that I probably would mind the Daniel Fast that much...I doubt I'd miss the meat for most of that time...but I'd miss dairy products. :)

Jewelz said...

I do what all the time? The 'pact'? I do it with chocolate, it's just that this time I defined it because I'd eaten so much chocolate over the weekend.
I love the background, Rach! Very you!

Melinda said...

Hey. You need to change the colour of your text in your profile section. You can't read it.

Anonymous said...

jewelz: i couldn't remember whether you just did lollies or if it included chocolate!

this background reminds me of narelle a little bit because she used this one until she found one that she felt was really 'her'. :)