20 March 2009


Good morning!

This time tomorrow I'm going to be in Victor Harbor for CWCI, a Women's Conference that is held down there every year. Mum and I have been invited by a group of fabulous ladies each year, but it has never worked. I'm so excited to finally be going! We're staying in the fabulous, cute little house (mm, if you call 3-story and 5 bedrooms little!) with amazing views of the harbour, a jacuzzi, and... well, I've got to say, the people there will be the best part of all!

Julia, Kristy, Mrs. Graham, Elyse, Mrs. Packer (and, of course, my Mum) will be there, as well as three other ladies.
We're looking forward to chatting, eating chocolate, spending time in the jacuzzi, lounging around, maybe walking on the beach... oh, and attending the conference, of course! I'm really interested in what that will be like, and in meeting other Christian girls and ladies. Apparently a fair few ladies from my church will be there, as well as a couple people from work, so it will be good to see them.

I also hope to spend time on planning for a Girls Group I'm planning to start in the middle of this year. It will be for girls aged around 12-14. I want to be able to mentor them in God's Word and just in daily life, and I'm already trying my best to do that, by hanging out with them at youth group and talking to them. I hope that I'll be able to get lots of hints, tips and ideas from the girls :)

I'm also going to be catching up with a friend who lives in Victor tonight--not sure how, when or where yet, but that will be great! She loves horses, and it will be awesome to have someone to talk "horse-talk" with :D

I joked to a friend that I'll be sick of girls by the end of the weekend... But I'm pretty sure I'll come back with a smile on my face, refreshed from the time away with the others.

Have a great weekend!
God Bless.

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