16 June 2019

A Bus, a Ferry, Açaí... and Family Time!

This weekend we were part of our church's pastor's retreat, and as part of it we had an outing - a bus ride to New Farm and a ferry ride to Southbank.  The weather was perfect, the company was awesome, and it was one of the rare Saturdays lately that we've had to just do something fun!  I'm thankful for our leader who organised the day for us.

Riding the bus

Friends enjoying the ride on the ferry "City Cat"

"Kookaburra Queen" paddlewheeler

Spot something odd in this photo!

Zoe loved looking at the "bubbles" in the water!

I love my girl!

We had açaí at Southbank!! [had to replace a grumpy face with a smiley one]

These two are my favourite!

Such a beautiful spot!

Savanna Zoe is an amazing friend to Zoe!!  She always includes and plays with Zoe and looks out for her... she is a big sister figure, and I know that I will never ever forget the beautiful person Savanna Zoe is to my Zoe especially.  She is one of Zoe's absolute favourite people.  It's so special that they even share a name.

Such a tiring day!


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