26 December 2017

Family Portraits 2017

We are currently living on the opposite side of the world to Andre's family, and in a different state than my family, so the times that we get to spend with our families is very precious.  We love our parents and siblings so much!!

We've been very diligent about getting photos while we're with family, and this year we've had some lovely photos taken, so I want to share them.

Three generations! Pai, Zoe and Andre

Paulo, Wagner, Juninho and Zoe 

Me, Juninho, Zoe, Andre, Paulo and Wagner

Zoe, Marcoaurelio and Suelen

Paulo, Zoe, Wagner, Andre, Emerson (Zoe's cousin), and Marcos and his wife

Igor and Zoe... cousins!

Matheus, Zoe and Aline

Jarryd, Ryan, Zoe and Amy

The original 4! 

Mum, Dad, me, Jarryd, Zoe, Amy and Ryan

Me, Andre, Nataly and Zoe

Four generations! Me, Zoe, Nana and Dad

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