23 October 2017

Brasil Trip 2017 - Week 2

Week 2 of our trip to Brasil began with an engagement / wedding celebration on Sunday, the boys doing some work on the house on Monday, moving house on Tuesday, and then more renovations for the rest of the week!  Zoe and I were basically left to our own devices - hanging out at home mostly, but we also went to the shops to get out of the boys' way.

PS Once again, the photo quality will vary - some are from our iPhones and others are from our Canon 650D.  Also, the photos were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

One hand always near the baby to make sure she didn't dive off the bed! (For the record, she never took a dive ;) )
[photo by Andre]

Natassja and Guilherme's wedding celebration - so special! 

Poor Zoe got sick early in the week so we spent a couple days cuddling her and praying her better

Catching up with old (for Andre) / new (for Zoe and I) friends - Dia and Diogo

Tio Mateus and Tia Aline :)

Zoe playing with her cousin Igor - how cute?! This was before Igor realised Zoe doesn't know how to play "properly" and got defensive of his very well-planned car garages :P 

Car trips with the kids!

Esfiha - lunch, dinner, or anything in-between

Zoe learned how to play peek-a-boo!

Hanging out at home!

A relaxed, low-key week with family was just what we needed :)

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