17 April 2017

Birthday No. 25

Last week marked the day that I turned a quarter of a century!!  Just a few years ago I'm sure I couldn't imagine being 25, but here I am already!

I had such a lovely day celebrating, and I'm so thankful for the family and friends who made the day a really special one.  I want to simply share my day in pictures here :)

My morning wake-up call... definitely the cutest birthay-wake-up call I've ever had! 

We woke up like this ;)

Birthday decor, a la Andre

My companion to Koorong bookstore

Birthday gifts courtesy of Koorong and Julia

Lunch with Janet :)

Yummy brisket pasta

Family hangs :P

Birthday gifts from Andre... PLUS tickets to see My Fair Lady!

Birthday cake at Food for Thought, a la Jacqui... SO GOOD


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