16 March 2016

Distorted Views

Brisbane city (iPhone 5)

The older I get (and no, I'm really not that old!), the more I realise how distorted our society has become.  The way we are led to view things is often so skewed, and a lot of things are portrayed so differently from what I believe they really should be.

Health and well-being.

Marriage and relationships.

Sex and intimacy.

Truth and falsehood.

Right and wrong.

Love and tolerance.

Morals and political correctness.

Brisbane city, view from Southbank ferris wheel (iPhone 5)

I have my own views on many of the above issues, and on other issues I am still figuring out my view.  I am quite accepting of other's views and beliefs; however, our society does not seem to have the same foundation as it did many, many years ago.

Back in the day (you can tell I have done my research, can't you?) society was built from a solid level where people generally held the same views on morals, right and wrong, and what was acceptable in the society.

Spring Hill (iPhone 5)

Today's society, however, has strayed so far from any kind of foundation - anything goes.  For example, I may be allowed to view crime a certain way, but the next person in line is also allowed to view it in a completely different way.  What I believe and the next person believe must be accepted by the general public... But it seems impossible to come to any kind of conclusion as to what is actually correct.

This is a minefield, and one I am still trying to figure out... But my prayer is that my personal life will be built on a strong foundation of good morals and pure intentions - built on the Bible and the truth that it pours forth.  I want to sink myself in the truth of Scripture so that I can have a clear view rather than a distorted one on these issues (and many more!).

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