22 February 2016

When I Lost an Hour of my Life

Saturday 20 February 2016

12:35pm - Arrive at a Westfield shopping centre and get a parking pass/ticket.  I can park for free for up to 3 hours.

12:40pm - After 5 minutes, continue to drive around, up, down, all over the carpark trying to find a park.

12:48pm - Still looking for a park.

1:00pm - Find a park. (25 minutes total)

1:05pm - Study at the library.

2:55pm - Leave the library because I want to move the car so that I don't have to pay for parking.

3:04pm - Clearly, I can't remember where I parked my car.  I try to retrace my steps from the library.  However, I entered from the opposite side of the building so I am getting more confused.  I think I parked on the orange level, so I look at the information screen which gives me directions; however, I am completely disoriented and lose my way following those directions.

3:09pm - Begin to wonder if I will ever find my car.

3:16pm - Tell myself not to panic.

3:20pm - Go to the concierge (information) desk) and tell the nice lady that I can't find my car.  Trying not to giggle because of how ridiculous this sounds (FYI, I giggle when I get extremely nervous).  I'm unable to tell the lady what level I parked on, and now I'm not even sure it was the orange level.  She takes the car registration number and calls the camera people [??] to see if they can find it.  No luck.  I tell her I think I was in row M.  After some discussion, she suggests I might be on the Mezzanine level.  I look at her blankly.

3:25pm - After some discussion, I have a vague idea of where my car may be parked, and hurry down the hallways again.  I should note here that I am carrying 2x notebooks, 1x text book, 3x manuals, a computer, and a large drink bottle.  My shoulders were not thanking me.

3:30pm - I find my car!!!!!!! (35 minutes total)

3:31pm - Speed through the carpark (kidding, I was definitely driving at 10km/hr) to find the exit.

3:33pm - Swipe out of the carpark with 2 minutes to spare (before I would've been charged $5.00).

3:36pm - Heart rate returns to a semi-normal pace.

So ends the story of one hour of my life that I will never get back.

Have you had a similar experience?
When have you gotten lost?

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