18 June 2015

Establish Your Hearts

Yesterday my husband and I read James 5 together. One phrase, in verse 8, really stood out to me, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it:

Establish your hearts.

Establish = set up on a firm or permanent basis (Oxford Dictionary).

The context around this phrase is to be patient and wait for the Lord; He is returning one day. In the meantime, we are told to be established. The question is: to be established in what?

Verses 1 to 6 of the same chapter speaks of the things in this life which end up being worthless - things like money, clothes and pleasure. When we come to verses 7 and 8, we are reminded to look ahead to what is important and to what will last. Things that are ahead are things to look forward to - and while we wait, why fill our time with meaningless frivolity?

For me, the only worthwhile thing to establish my heart and my life in is Jesus Christ. He is the One that will never change; will never leave me; will never let me down. I can be firmly established in Him now and know that I can remain established in Him until the end of time. What a wonderful thing to be sure of!

Will you choose to establish your heart in Jesus, and look to Him for your everlasting satisfaction? It will definitely be worth it!

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