8 February 2013

One Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. A simple, good day.

I find it interesting that sometimes the small things can bring the greatest joy.

After getting ready for work, I stepped outside and was struck by the fresh air, beautiful sunlight, and the sound of the birds singing.

Once I arrived in Adelaide, I took me new / temporary route (aka, shortcut), which takes me through this street:

Isn't it beautiful??! I love it!! It's such a sweet street, with trees and flowers, cafes with cute stools and the smell of coffee.

Work went well, and afterwards I met Andre at the shops...

Waiting for him
...and picked up my wedding ring, bought a pair of cute / fun / yellow shoes, and browsed the shops.

We had cheap Asian food for dinner, followed by coffee. I shared a little of what I've been learning from the book of Timothy this week. Our night was ended by talking about our future and discussing our little quirks, and how we can work on them and think of the other person first.

When I got home, I prepared my lunch for today and had an awesome, hour[ish]-long, til-midnight chat with my brother. Which meant I only got 5 to 6 hours sleep. But so worth it, cos I love that kid ;-)

How was your day?
What makes a "good" day for you?

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