3 January 2013

Hello, 2013!!!


I cannot believe that we have entered the world that is 2013!! It feels like just a couple years ago that we moved from the 90's into the 00's - and here we are, 13 years into this century, already. How time flies!! (and how I feel old when it feels like we just exited the 90's...goodness me!)

My new year's day was a perfect mix of a few of my favourite things: family, friends, and food. I started off the day by sleeping in (sleep is also one of my favourite things at the moment). It felt so good to wake up slowly and not have to rush anywhere!

My brother had some fun with Andre's and my new camera
My sister got out her recipe book, chose a lunch recipe, and then came to every family member with a little notebook and pen, and got our orders for lunch. She made toast with canned spaghetti and ham and cheese for us. Thanks, Amy!!

My awesome sister making lunch

I also had a productive morning in the kitchen!! Andre helped me (okay, so he actually did most of the work...he's good like that ;-) hehe) make tabouleh salad. I had tabouleh for the first time, a few weeks ago, and enjoyed it, and then on the weekend we bought a huge packet of fresh parsley for $0.50c - so, I figured that was the perfect time to try making tabouleh myself!

I bought some bulgur wheat to use in the salad, but then when I searched for a recipe yesterday morning, one with quinoa popped up in Google...and I had the perfect amount of quinoa left...so I went for the non-traditional tabouleh recipe! It turned out wonderfully!

The recipe that I used can be found here. I replaced the green onions with about 1/3 of a red onion, and I didn't put carrot into my salad. It is still really good, though! I brought the whole container to work, so this will be my lunch for the rest of the week.

My Tabouleh Salad - deliciousness!

I also had some fun making another new recipe, which I will share very very soon. Hint: if you think chocolate, you're on the right track ;-)

After lunch, Andre and I went to Semaphore beach with some friends. It was so lovely down there! The water was comfortably warm [most of the time], and the sunshine was beautiful! We spent over an hour in the water, and then (as all good beach-goers do) had fish and chips.

Our butterfish and prawns

=D Love this guy!

My new hat :-)

Remembering to treasure the memories and actually get photos of ourselves. Never mind our partially wet shorts. *cough, cough*

Happy 2013, my friends! I hope you were able to enjoy the first day of the new year as much as I did mine!

What did you do on new year's day this year?

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