3 June 2012

Full of Thanks

I am just SO overwhelmed with gratefulness for all that is happening in my life right now. Through the ups and downs, I am seeing over and over again that He is there every. single. step. of the way!

I keep forgetting to count my blessings here, but I want to continue that now!

184. The ring that one of my school leaders, Tim, gave to me - it has The Lord's Prayer on it, in Spanish
185. Cheese and ham toasties

186. My warm sleeping bag
187. When my fringe looks good, even when I don't try to make it work =D
188. Encouragement from Jamie, that my life story IS impacting
189. Coffee
190. The opportunity to share my testimony at church this morning
191. Starting to read a novel :-)
192. Listening to people discuss tonight's church service
193. Keeping in touch with my Third Wave buddies on Facebook

194. Contact lenses! - even though my poor eyes get gritty at night
195. That there was money in my bank account to transfer to pay my phone bill
196. The prospect of seeing Andre tomorrow =D
197. The use of Paul's internet
198. Monday: our day off!!
199. My lovely, soft, pink and green journal
200. Laughing at the people I'm spending time with
201. My new LLFF

202. A "meeting" with Paul - actually, Paul rescuing me [story in another post]
203. Prayer walking in Oyster Bay
204. Muscles that allowed me to lift many boxes to help move house
205. Tim's guitar-playing - WOW. Reminds me of my awesome brother Brento!!!
206. Having fun with my DTS Outreach buddies
207. Andre's visit last weekend

208. This phase of outreach...
209. ...to meet new people...
210. ...do new things...
211. ...get my hands dirty...
212. ...be a blessing
213. The Lord giving me Psalm 115 to meditate on. Here is verse 1:

"Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, [and] for thy truth's sake."

Praise the Lord for all He is and all He does!!!

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