31 January 2012

Advice from Auntie Rachel

Written to a friend in need, late last night.

I am definitely praying for you... But... I just can't leave without some advice from Auntie Rachel. Yes, for tonight and tonight alone, I'm your auntie. 'kay?

1. Go and yell at someone (or, preferably, someTHING...or even Spiderman* if he is to be seen!).
2. Kick a tree or two. Or three.
3. Pat Spiderman*, and reassure him that nothing really is wrong with him.
4. Pour yourself a nice hot cup of tea.
5. Don't spill the tea.
6. Have a pillow-fight...with...yourself??
7. Scratch that.
8. Run around the block a couple times, to expel the energy that you didn't expel, cos you didn't have the pillow-fight. Does that even make sense?!
9. Read the ridiculously long email I sent you that time. You know the one.
10. =D
11. Then, because you're probably so tired after all that, I give you permission to flop on the bed and have a big long cry. And cuddles with Spiderman. Or Shut-up*. Whoever's closest. Mwahahahahaaa... don't tell Shut-up* I said that ;-) hehehe
(uuummmm, longest-text-record?!)

*The names of persons in this story have been changed, to protect their identity, for reasons known only to the sender and recipient of this text.
Thank you

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