5 December 2011

WF Detox -Part 3-

Firstly, before I chicken out, I need to say that this week has NOT been any kind of detox. At all. Particularly not a whole foods detox.
It all began when I was in Sydney last weekend. Yeah, weekends away are really not helpful when one is trying to eat only whole foods and eliminate wheat, dairy and sugar.
The [bad] eating habits continued into the week, with excuse after excuse on my part - e.g., "I'll get back into it tomorrow", "I need to ease back into the detox so I don't get sick", "Just eating [this] won't hurt", "I have no time to think about what to eat"...
You get the point.
But as of today, I am a little more back on track. Truly trying to "ease" back into it - allowing myself a few foods per day that I am really not meant to eat.
I WILL get there. I know I can! It is a matter of self-discipline, self-control and consistency.


I want to realize just how important these three things are. I can't help but look into the future, at the rest of my life, and wonder if I will ever become any, if not all, of these three things. To discipline myself into good, healthy habits. To control my body's desires and only do / eat what is truly good for me. To stick at things when I begin - to not give up (because I can't rely on motivation, ever!).
Do you have any advice? How can I begin to shape my thinking this way?
Please leave a comment!


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