1 November 2011

Officially an ADULT!!!!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am 1 week into adulthood. How crazy is that?!?!?! Now, "adulthood" sounds insanely dramatic and out of this world for me. All I can think about is the fact that I am 18 years old, and (at least to the world's guidelines) am an adult.

Hmmm. How the years fly by!!! Wasn't it only yesterday that I toddled up to the front of Morning Star Baptist Church and had my first solo piano performance?? Wasn't it just a few years, months or days since my world of being an only child evaporated when my younger brothers and sisters were born? (and I do remember each of their births very clearly, believe it or not!) Wasn't it just a few years ago that a certain boy and I decided to get married... Hm, nope, that's not gonna happen now! (don't worry, I got over that a long time ago :D) (and if you have no idea what this is about, don't fret. It's a bit of an in-joke thing, which I may share later. Who knows?!)

Okay, so those few things were a bit random!! But surely at such a momentous occasion such as this calls for a bit of randomness?!

So. My 18th birthday came about on April 6, 2010, officially at 5:00am, at home--same date (except for the year), same time, same town as every other birthday of my life! Maybe next year I will be somewhere else...

The day began with a 6am phone call from a friend in South Africa. It was so great to speak with him--even though it made me wake up half an hour earlier than I would have otherwise!
April 6 was the first day of my first temporary job assignment through Hays Recruitment. It was at Roseworthy, which is just 10 minutes from my place, which was really quite handy. So, I got ready, ate breakfast with the family, and left for work at 7:45am.
I came home for lunch which was lovely, and that evening had tea with the family, completed a lovely l-o-n-g treasure hunt that Jarryd oganized for me and opened a few presents, and Mum and I went to tennis.
It was a lovely birthday-day :)

So, all of the above was written, oh, 1 year and almost 6 months ago. And I believe that I had planned to write about BOTH of my parties. And maybe even share some photos. Oops.
It WAS an absolutely AWESOME birthday! I felt so blessed to be surrounded by the people I love!
And I did have fun reading that, though! I forgot all of those thoughts and the excitement and craziness that I had at that time!!

Were you excited when you turned 18? What is your favourite birthday experience, so far?

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