1 November 2011

District Assembly 2011/12

I am really looking forward to this weekend! We have the Annual Southern District Assembly, and this year it is at my home church, the Gawler Church of the Nazarene!
Every year, our district (which is comprised of New South Wales, Victoria, ACT and South Australia) comes together for a weekend of meetings, conventions, services and fellowship.
When I first started attending my church, I was about 12 years old. Assembly didn't mean much to me then, but as each year went by, I looked forward to them more. Because each year I get to meet more people, and this circle; this community of believers and brothers and sisters in Christ gets bigger!!! Each year I come to realise, again, that I am not walking this journey called life alone. I am just one out of dozens and hundreds and thousands and yes, even MILLIONS of disciples of Christ. How amazing is that?!?!
This year's Assembly theme is Faithful. Funny, because this entire year has been a journey of faith for me - a journey that began with one sermon from my pastor at the end of last year. The sermon was on faith, and during that half-hour of preaching, I felt the Lord speak to my heart that, in 2011, I would be learning about faith.
And boy-oh-boy, was He right!!! Right from the beginning when I met a very special man who is now a very important person in my life; to when I flew to New Zealand alone to help with the earthquake relief, now knowing who (if anyone!) would be picking me up from the airport or where I would be working; and as I felt the pull and direction that I needed to go to Bible college in the very near future. Through these things and so many more, I have just been learning so many things about faith. I plan to list them in another post.
So I cannot wait to experience this weekend. Fellowship with friends; worshipping the Lord in His house; experiencing a closer closeness with the body of this Southern District.
Praise the Lord for fellow believers and these opportunities to come together in His glorious Name!!!
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