13 May 2010

A Special Visit

Guess what?!?!
A friend that I have been writing to since we were both 7, and who I have seen just twice in that time, is visiting me next month!
In just 21 sleeps' time (on June 3, 2010), Annelise is flying to Adelaide and will be staying with my family until June 9.
Last year I visited her for about a week, and it was awesome! So we decided she also needed to visit me - especially since she has never been to South Australia!
I am hoping that I won't have to work [too much] while she is here.
A few places I have thought of to go during her stay, so she sees a few of the things around Adelaide, are:
  1. Victor Harbor
  2. Adelaide Hills - Mt Lofty, The Big Rocking Horse
  3. Adelaide Botanic Gardens
  4. Rundle Mall
  5. Adelaide City
This is all I've come up with so far. Do you have any ideas of where we can go, what we can do and what we can see?
Aside from the tourist-y sort of things (which, so far, my list doesn't look too exciting to me... maybe it would be okay though since she's never been so SA??), Annelise will probably tag along to the various activities I have each week - depending on what is on when she's here, that could possibly be music practise, youth group, netball, and of course church.

Can't wait!!
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