15 April 2010

Random Memories

This post probably should have come before my last one (which told you what I have been up to so far in 2010), but I only thought of doing this today... And I may update this post if I find the time or feel the need :)

I've just uploaded a few photos from various things I did in 2009... They will probably come across as quite random, but that's the whole point of this post ;)

February: CWCI 2009--Julia, Elyse, me and Kristy
CWCI was held in Victor Harbor, and between 10 and 12 of us girls and ladies stayed together at a beautiful, white, 2-story house with amazing views of the Harbor. The house was the highest on the hill--we were so blessed!

April: My 17th Birthday--Julia, Jarryd, Ryan, me and Amy
Goodness knows what I did for my 17th birthday (that was so long ago! :P), but I love this photo, which was taken on my birthday evening, just at home with the family and Julia (who is practically family anyway!)

April: @ TAFE
I finished studying Business Administration at TAFE at the end of 2009. TAFE was an awesome experience; and I miss the environment and the people... Not so sure I miss the work... But I loved my time there :)

June: Youth Group Camp @ Waikerie
My amazing Youth Group had a one-night stay at the river in Waikerie... In the middle of winter... In tents... And of course, it rained overnight!! (see photo below for proof) The camp was SO good. That evening / night, we played some games, ate amazing camp food (you never knew the words "amazing" and "camp food" could ever go in the same sentence, did you?! :P), did some quizzes, read the Bible, had the opportunity to ask questions, shared what was happening in our lives (all of the above was done around the campfire, of course!), and the next day went for a walk along the cliff trail

June: @ Waikerie--Kim's and my wet Bibles
The rain soaked up through our tent floor. And, since Kim and I are so spiritual, we had been reading our Bibles the night before... And had chucked--er, I mean, gently placed--our Bibles next to our beds...
Hello, Rain; Goodbye, Bibles!!
FYI, my Bible dried up alright and I still use it--Kim's, on the other hand... :S

July: My Sydney Trip--me and Annelise
I visited my dear friend, Annelise, at her home in Wollongong--about 1 hour from Sydney--and I flew there all by myself!!!! (with a little help from the plane, of course...)
I spent a week with her and her family, and it was such a lovely time! We have been "pen pals" since we were 7 years old, and other than a 1-night stay 5 years ago, this was the first time we have spend time with each other. It was great!

July: Our Family Holiday to the Snow--me, Dad, Mum, Naomi, Claire, Ryan, Amy and Jarryd
While I was in Sydney, my family travelled to Canberra and spent a week with my uncle. Then I took the bus from Wollongong to Canberra, and my whole family went to the snow. We stayed in this huge house (enough bedrooms for us all to have 1 each (and there were 9 of us!) about 20 minutes from the snow, and we went skiing every day for 3 or 4 days. If you've never been skiing--YOU NEED TO!!!!!!!!! It's hard to start with, I admit, but it is SO awesome once you get the hang of it!!!!!

July: CCS Prefect's Dinner 2009--Amanda, me, Julia and Elyse
The day that my family and I arrived home from our holiday was the same day that CCS had their Prefect's Dinner. Julia, Elyse and I got ready at my house and then went together.
I love this photo of us 4 girls!! It was Julia, Elyse and my 2nd time attending CCS's annual Prefect's Dinner, and I was so glad I could go again :) It was so much fun to get dressed up!!!!!
I had found my dress at a very special shop in Sydney ;)

Okay, so it looks like my 2009 ended in July... It really didn't, I promise!!!!! Other things did happen, but I just happen to not have photos with me right now!

So... What do you think of these photos?

And do you have any memories or thoughts from 2009 you'd like to share? Please comment and let me know! If you would like them published, just say so, and I will specially publish a post with your memory or thought in it :D


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