19 March 2018

A Week with my Sister!

Last week Amy visited us here in Queensland and it was awesome!!! It was sooo good spending time face-to-face, showing us our new area, watching her connect with Zoe, having our Bible study together, going on a couple of outings, chilling at home with her, and seeing her amazement at the active life of a toddler and a mumma trying to get things done with said toddler underfoot! ;) Fun!

Wynnum Foreshore with both sisters/aunties!
Fun fact: we did not plan the grey and white outfits!


Brunch is the best meal of the day!!

Auntie + niece love

Walking from Southbank to the Art Gallery

Would you like a cup of tea?

Favourite piece of the day! 
3 of 12 different (yet similar...) artworks of Queensland

We loved seeing the reality of the artwork through the layers of paint

Storytime :)

The air mattress was probably Zoe's highlight of Auntie Amy's visit :P


Probably the best photo of the entire week - sooo amazing to have both of our sisters with us!!!!!!!!!

So thankful for this precious time with my sister - nothing beats being with you in person! 


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