26 February 2018

A Day Out: GOMA

In December we went to the most recent exhibition at GOMA in Brisbane, and it was so much fun!!

We lined up for about 20 minutes to stand in this room for 30 seconds! We are standing on a platform which is surrounded by water. 

A cube full of lights and mirrors!

In its previous life, this piano belonged to my friend Kay, who had recently decided to pass it on. I'd originally been a bit sad that they'd covered a piano with stickers for the purpose of the exhibition, but when I found out it was Kay's old piano, I thought it was kind of cool it got a new lease of life in that way!

I'm so thankful for days out with my family!  Whether at an art exhibition, getting ice cream, or going for a scenic drive, being in each other's presence reminds me of how important family is.


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