17 October 2017

The Simple Things

You may have heard the phrase, "It's the simple things in life." Usually this refers to simple occurrences that are enjoyable which somehow make life worthwhile.

On Tuesday this week we arrived back in Australia from Brasil, and in these last few days I have had so many moments that have brought me such great joy - all of which, are simple things, but 100% make my life worth living. Here are some of these moments (in bullet form because bullets also make me happy!):
  • Watching Andre play with Zoe
  • Cooking pancakes [while listening to songs from my teen years!] for Saturday breakfast... and eating the pancakes, of course!
  • Having half an hour by myself in the car, and using it to pray
  • Playing games with Zoe
  • Driving with Andre to his work - the scenery is beautiful! 

  • Friday night BBQ at home with Andre, Nataly and Zoe - a variety of meats, veggies and salad; picnic chairs and the hammock; chilled music playing; soft lighting; gorgeous warm weather... I foresee more of these this spring and summer!
  • Afternoon walks (more photos here!)

All in all, I'm really grateful for the small things that I have been noticing throughout the day that literally bring a smile to my face, put joy in my heart, and remind me that I truly have so much to be thankful for.

What "simple things" have you enjoyed lately?


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