18 February 2013

I can be Thankful...

... no matter what.

No matter the emotions or situations that are affecting me - there is always something to be thankful for!!

Sometimes I am just overwhelmed by all of the amazing gifts that are in my life.

Yet more often than not, I forget to thank my Heavenly Father. Please tell me I'm not the only one who takes precious gifts for granted?? :'(

So today I take time, again, to count up to One Thousand Gifts (inspired by Ann Voskamp, here).

298. Beautiful, fresh mornings

299. The smell of rain

300. The sound of birds singing

301. Awesome chat with my brother last night

All kinds of hotness.
Two years ago, with my bro
302. New friends

303. The Random Writings of Rachel. Not only does this beautiful girl have my name, but her sense of humour is amazing! I love opening Google Reader each morning and reading her latest post - I always get a giggle :-)

304. My Mum, who opens our front gate for me every morning as I drive to work. Such a sweetie!
305. Anticipation of a trip to Sydney in April - it will be my first flight / time away in 8 months!

New Year's Eve 2011

306. Weddings! - two dear couples getting married in the next two months! YAY!

307. The way my man took care of me after I had my wisdom teeth out

308. Help from Bronwyn at Simply Elegant as I try to find a reception venue for my wedding

309. Our new young adults Bible study - what an amazing encouragement our time together each week is!

310. A visit from the beautiful Alicia when I was recovering from "minor surgery" last week

During her visit to Canberra last year
 311. Banana ice cream. Easy as pie, health AND delicious, all rolled into one!! All you have to do is peel a fairly ripe banana and freeze it; chop into pieces and blend with a little milk until creamy. Mmm!

312. A good nights sleep

313. Getting to work on time, even when you miss both alarms. *cough, cough*   314. WEEKENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     What are you thankful for today?   Go on - find something!! I dare you =D   ~Rachel
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