18 January 2013


Today's word for me is grace.


Christians hear and use this word a lot. In fact, I might say that we even hear it and use it so often, that we rarely stop to think about it.


What is grace to you?

I have a few thoughts today about grace that I am pondering upon, and I hope that it will lead you to consider this deep, meaningful word.


Godly, because God was the first Giver of grace, and because when we display grace, we are showing God's character.

Revolutionary, because this is something that would have been unheard of, if it weren't for God. Grace changed the world, through the way Jesus came and took the weight of our sins on His shoulders. No one else could have POSSIBLY thought of this!!

Accepting, because grace leads us to accept others just as they are. Often, in our own selfish little words, we look down on others, as if we are in some way higher and greater than they are. Yet when I look at Jesus, He did the exact opposite: He made Himself (His perfect self, no less!) lower than the low. He never made a big deal of who he spent time with - fishermen, tax collectors, children, prostitutes, Samaritans... They were all the same to Him!

Caring, simply because a heart of grace will lead to a heart of compassion. Love and care for others is one of the greatest things we were created to do, and Jesus displayed this so clearly during His time on earth.

Everlasting, because God's grace will never end. When we commit our lives to Him, we commit for life. We accept that His grace is everlasting, and we join Him in His work on this earth to display grace (among many other attributes) to others every day of our lives.

As you can see in every single one of these points, we have a wonderful example in Jesus, who showed us exactly how we can display grace in our own lives. He showed us the meaning of grace, which I by no means have covered here. It's amazing to me how five small letters can be such an endless topic!

I encourage you to thank the Lord for His grace, and ask Him to show you how to disply this in your own life today!

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