14 January 2012

Thailand - Third Wave 2012 [Day 5: Sessions, International Fair Prep & Talent Show]

Our breakfast room at Town in Town Hotel. AMAZING!! Buffet for breakfast! This row had cereals, rice-and-milk-type dishes, rice with egg, plain rice, noodles, vegetables, and each day either chicken, pork or fish. SO good!

This whole wall had bread, rolls (with a cool toaster!) little pastries, fruit, juice, and milk

Along this bar was roast potatoes, eggs, bacon, sausages, sometiems even pasta dishes, and tea and coffee. I fell in love with black, percolated coffee. hehe, Just kidding ;-) But I DID enjoy it!!

Thursday January 5 was a very long day at Third Wave!!
Our Plenary Session started at 8:30am – straight after breakfast. The subject was “To Be Like Christ”.
After that, we had a choice of about 6 workshops to go to. I chose one titled Strategy to Conquer a City.
After the workshop, we ate lunch, and then had some regional meetings. We just hung out with people from our region and chatted and played some games together.

And we also prepared for the International Fair. We were scheduled to visit 3 churches on Saturday, and serve with them and also present some cultural presentations. Australia and New Zealand (aka ANZ) joined together. We all learned a song in Mauri, with hand actions...

Me, Yannis, Dani and Tammie
Don't you love the syncronization?! hehe We DID get better, I promise =D

...and then Aaron and Simon learned the Haka from John. SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John was HILARIOUS – his face was so intense, yet he wasn’t even putting all of his energy into it, like he usually would!

We had a fun few hours practisingtogether and hanging out, and also packed some little “show bags” that we would give out at the events.

Tammie, Moana, Yannis, Marie, John, Dani, Aaron and me packing the show bags

I got to go to Swensens, this cool as little icecream parlour just down the road from Town in Town Hotel. It would have been completely relaxing, only we had to get back to the hotel in time for the next activities! But it was still good :-)
AND AN UPDATE: All of our ice-creams are a huge thanks to Josh Haney!!!! Josh left before us, and when we were leaving, we were told that the bill had been paid!! Josh, you are even more awesome than I originally thought you were! Thank you!!

Me, Jenina, Joshua, Juniper, Tammie, and Erika

My icecream. It had thick chocolate sauce... with maltesers... mmmm!

After dinner, we had another service and Plenary Session, “Loving Others”. We then finished the day with a Talent Show! SO fun! There were items of comedy, music, beauty, and inspiration.

The fun MCs

The Indonesian group [plus a few ring-ins, I believe!]. This was my FAVOURITE talent group. I videoed it, and this is the best picture I could find (thanks, Tammie!)

A hymn sung in Portuguese

"The American Culture of Dating" - quite funny!

"The Preacher"

Gordon performing magic tricks

Vitenamese singing and dancing
The Human Trumpet - one talented guy!

hehehe... The Philipinos... Some crazy act they were doing... I was finding it funny - but it got cut short :'( Devastated!

Woohooo!! Indonesia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even though I had a headache and was feeling rather light-headed that night, I really enjoyed all of the performances. There were some crazily talented people at Third Wave! How cool to be a part of that?! So great!!!!!

Aaaaand, finally.................. The winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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skywalker_925 said...

Hi Rachel...you should put a note on the part of our Swensen's ice cream treat that it was the courtesy of Josh Haney.