11 January 2012

Thailand - Third Wave 2012 [Day 4: Sessions, Small Groups & World Market]

In the lift - story of our lives at Town In Town!
Wednesday January 4 was our first full day of Third Wave. The morning was free for those of us who had already checked in and registered. We had our first Plenary Session at 10:30am. This was a “Welcome and Cultural Orientation" – so we learned some things that would be useful to us as foreigners, plus some general information about Thailand.
After lunch, we had regional meetings. This is where we joined with people from our own region (usually just one country, but Australia and New Zealand joined) to have a discussion time. We had to think of particular people in our lives, and ask the Lord how He sees them. This really opened my eyes, and I have a vision of how I can put compassion, love and friendship into action!
After our discussion time, we had free time! YAY!! (we didn't get much free time over the week)
We set up for the World Market, and then I went and had a lovely, hour-long massage. It was good, but quite painful as well! I had the back, shoulders, neck and head massage – traditional Thai style. It cost 350BT, which equals about $12AUD.

My masseuse

The topic for the evening service was “Called”.
We had great worship…

"Holy, holy, holy... I want to see You..." Love singing in other languages!

…and prayer…

…as well as a panel-Q&A time.

One of the questions that were asked was, “How can we be prepared to fulfil or develop a specific ministry call?” Some points that were given were:
  • We need to hear a call
  • A call is not always a lifetime
  • Find a mentor – someone to journey with
  • Get started – jump right in! Don’t only prepare, prepare, prepare
On the panel was one person from each region – people from Germany, Africa, America, Vietnam, Mexico and Spain.
One thing that I’ve loved about Third Wave – the different languages! I love that SO many different nations and cultures were represented, and that even through the language barriers, we were able to communicate and worship!
After the service, we had our World Market. Everyone brought items unique to their own country, set up stalls, stuck prices on the items, and we all bought from each other. All of the money raised was given to 12:7 Serve (LINK). My friend Dani is one of the 12 young people who will be travelling around Meso-America for 6 months this year, and I am SO proud of her and excited for her – and so happy that we were able to help the team in that way!

Displaying some Aussie goodies!

I bought these Aussie cuties!

So many things to choose from!

Delicous sweetness!

Tammie put hard effort into our display

I [heart] Australia
At the World Market, things got a little crazy!!!


And I had fun taking pictures with some great people...

I was sitting in that chair all by myself... and these awesome people came to take pics with me =D They're the best!

Hannah and I - room-mates!
With the Cambodian peeps :-)

After-mid-night 7-11 run... Icecream!!

Such a full day, but a fun one!!!
Can't wait to share more with you :-)
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