11 November 2011

WF Detox (Why? and Guidelines) -Part 2-

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It has been almost 1 whole month of my detox. I have been wanting to journal the entire journey, but other things have been higher on the priority list.

Today, I want to share with you why I am doing this detox, and the "rules" of it.

Why? The Reader's Digest Version:
I have been wanting to improve my skin condition for some time now, and a friend told me about her sister who did a whole-foods-only detox over a period of 3-4 months, with results of lovely, glowing skin.

This inspired me, and after asking a bunch of questions and deliberating for WEEKS whether I should give this a try or not, I decided to give it a go. I figured that I wanted to try something natural for my skin and body - and I tell myself that even if the results for my skin aren't fantastic, at least I have been healthy ;-) (yes, I have a lot of faith. I know. Sad. :-/ )

Background information:
Over a year ago, my doctor prescribed some medication, basically designed to improve skin conditions such as my own. I took the medication faithfully for a few months (and my doctor even prescribed a stronger dose) with absolutely zero results. This is what made me hesitant to try other medications or even go to a dermatologist (plus, I can think of better things to spend my $$ on! - although I have not completely ruled out visiting a dermatologist one day, if needed).

I have also been reading a lot about how valuable nature is. God has created so many things that are good for us!!! We just need to learn to use it to its greatest potential! I believe that SO MANY of the foods we consume in today's society is just a waste of the goodness that God has already prepared. Sure, junk food is yummy. Sugary, carby, fatty foods taste good. But is it actually good for me?
I am beginning to believe that when I eat the simple, wonderful, flavoursome foods that God has given me, surely I will become more healthy for it!!

So here I am! Eating only whole foods, and eliminating some foods that can highly affect the skin or aren't highly nutritious.
Here are the guidelines of this detox. I want to stick to these rules as closely as I possibly can, and by writing it down and telling friends and family (aka, being accountable!), I will be able to abide by these more effectively.

Whole Foods Detox Guidelines
  • No dairy
  • No wheat
  • Minimal sugar - honey and fruits are fine at the moment, although I want to look at which fruits I could / should eliminate, to get the best out of this detox
  • "Whole Foods" = eating any food that has not been processed and does not contain additives, such as preservative, food acid, or anything else that is not completely natural
Everyone asks how I can do it. They ask me, "Isn't it boring?! What on EARTH can you eat?! I could never do that!"
And yes, it is hard. But, with time, it is getting easier.

In the beginning, I felt like I had to eat foods with no additional flavourings. Ack! How boring!! I love different flavours!
But as I began cooking more and searching for recipes, I have realized that I can eat any spices - just look at the ingredients list of practically any spice, and you'll see that it is all just ground leaves / seeds etc. Too easy to flavour meat dishes with spices! I can also have curries. And adding lemon juice, garlic, and even vinegar, to various foods can add an abundance of flavour.
There are so many wonderful flavours that I have seen in recipes and haven't tried yet; so many that I WANT to try...
And if I was not doing this whole-foods-only thing, I would still be stuck with a bunch of the so-called "essential" flavours that we all use on a day-to-day basis - but I am finding that these pure ingredients often taste and feel way better anyway!
So far overall, this has been a pretty cool journey. I have learned a fair bit so far, and am ready to learn MUCH more! Be prepared to hear more about my Whole Foods Detox :-)
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